Improving the chat experience

The Digital Team that I was fortunate enough to lead recently launched a new chatbot feature on Southwest’s website and mobile apps. This feature allows Customers to be able to quickly get information about policies and be linked to self-service information. Chatbot feature on the Southwest App Chatbot feature on the Southwest website

Making payments even easier

I’m fortunate to be able to lead a team of digital product experts at Southwest Airlines. Recently the team partnered with many internal and external folks to launch an integrated installment payment option on the desktop and mobile version of Customers loved the flexible payment option when choosing to take a trip. Installment payment…… Continue reading Making payments even easier

Value added upselling

The digital team I am fortunate to lead launched tests to improve awareness of additional fares available while booking on Both tests helped Customers learn more about these fares and improved conversion rates while also not having any negative impact on non-upsell shopping rates. Trip Extras messaging on Upgrade messaging in the Southwest…… Continue reading Value added upselling