Robots are coming to a hotel near you

Starwood is rolling out robotic room service at their properties ready to drop off your $35 cheeseburger and fries.
From Gulliver:The butler known as a “botlr” is being tested in its Cupertino hotel in Silicon Valley (naturally) with a view to expanding its presence worldwide. Botlrs come complete with bow ties and resemble a cutesy cross between Disney’s Wall-E and R2-D2 from Star Wars. As well as having novelty value, they are capable of delivering room-service orders by navigating lifts and corridors before dialling the occupant’s room number to announce their arrival”

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Brain implant restores control of paralyzed muscles

The wetware used to bridge brains with hardware and software continues to evolve.  A quadriplegic patient is now able to control their handle via their brain by bridging across the affected neurons with the assistance of mind-reading software.

A chip reads the patients mind then translates that thought to a stimulation sleeve sitting on their arm allowing them to control their hand.

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Brain implant restores control of paralyzed muscles