FAQs to Help Center

Sometimes it’s the simple things. Our team at work recently asked Customers if our center for commonly asked questions had the correct title. After some usability and competitive research we discovered a simple rebranding would likely help Customers find their answers even better. A simple change in link title from “FAQ” to “Help Center” drove increased click thru engagement, helping Customers get their answers even faster.

Digital Advisor

The Digital Team that I am fortunate to lead at Southwest recently launched a new Digital Advisor feature using Qualtrics. This low-code effort allowed us to quickly serve up key information to help Customers get ready for their trip. This feature is one step in testing additional ways to better prepare Customers for travel across the entire Customer journey across multiple touchpoint including web, app, e-mail, kiosk, and airport signage.

In the first week over 1,000 Customers leveraged this feature to better be prepared for travel.

Low-Code Digital Advisor feature on the Southwest full site and Southwest mobile website

Chatbot & Web Chat

The Digital Team that I was fortunate enough to lead recently launched a new chatbot feature on Southwest’s website and mobile apps. This feature allows Customers to be able to quickly get information about policies and be linked to self-service information.

Chatbot feature on the Southwest App
Chatbot feature on the Southwest website