Making it easier to find a trip

Our team at Southwest improved trip discovery by launching a Mobile Friendly Route Map.  Customers can enjoy exploring the freedom to travel with an easy to use route map.  

This improved route map makes it easy to find nearby airports and non-stop & connecting service available between the more than 120 destinations flown by Southwest Airlines. Quickly find a nearby airport using location services, filter to find non-stop destinations from your departure point, alternate to a list view vs a map view, and easily start a search using our Low fare Calendar. All from the comfort of your mobile device while on the go (or on the couch) or your computer.

The team leveraged unmoderated and moderated User Testing to hone in on the final design. Partnering with a design firm, we were able to quickly build a new React UI based front-end that leveraged existing data sources to paint all available routes. The team also worked to improve route accuracy by building an improved service of all available market pairs.