British Airways will let you track your luggage with RFID tags

Checking in your bags will soon be easier than ever. British Airways will be the next major airline to roll out RFID luggage tracking for its passengers. Travelers with a ViewTag can tag their bags before even arriving at the airport. Via engadget…

An Inside Look

In case you missed this article on Southwest Airlines Network Operations Center, Training Cabin, and Listening Center.  A rare behind the scenes look with amazing pictures and narrative Check it out on CNET Hat tip to David Gray for sharing.  

Robots are coming to a hotel near you

Starwood is rolling out robotic room service at their properties ready to drop off your $35 cheeseburger and fries. From Gulliver: “The butler known as a “botlr” is being tested in its Cupertino hotel in Silicon Valley (naturally) with a view to expanding its presence worldwide. Botlrs come complete with bow ties and resemble a…… Continue reading Robots are coming to a hotel near you